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Born Learning Academy 2019 - Session 1

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Born Learning provides practical tools for parents and caregivers to create early learning opportunities for young children. It's built on awareness, education and action. The tools below are available for download free of charge.

Born Learning Trails

Born Learning trails are playful and interactive outdoor games on engaging signs that create opportunites for learning for young children. They help boost language and literacy skills, encourage families to get active outdoors and support early learning. Two trails are located in San Luis Obispo County.


Mitchell Park Playground
Corner of Santa Rosa and Pismo Streets, San Luis Obispo

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Oceano Elementary School
17th Street at Paso Robles Street, Oceano

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Play Book / Los Jeugos

Rules and guidelines to help you make the most of your child’s playtime. Consejos e indicaciones para ayudarte a aprovechar al máximo los momentos de juego de tu niño.

Are You Babysmart? / Cuanto sabes sobre bebes?

Take this short quiz to test your knowledge about some of the things you can do to enhance your interactions with your infant. Responde a este breve cuestionario para determinar si sabes como optimizar la relacion con tu bebe. /  

Recipes for Learning / Recetas para el Aprendizaje

Fun activities to spark your child's language and learning. Actividades divertidas para promover el aprendizaje y el lenguaje.

Everyday Activities for Dad / Actividades diarias para hacer con papá

Dads today are more involved in their children’s development than ever before. Los papás de hoy participan más que nunca en la crianza.

Meal Ideas for Young Children / Ideas acerca de cómo alimentar a los niños pequeños

Your Child @ / Tu Hijo @

Highlights of what’s happening at this stage of your child’s development. Veamos lo que está ocurriendo con tu hijo durante esta etapa de su desarrollo.

... Birth / Su Nacimiento

... Two Months / 2 Meses

... 4 - 6 Months / 4 a 6 Meses

... 6 - 12 Months / 6 a 12 Meses

... 12 - 18 Months / 12 a 18 Meses

... 18 - 24 Months / 18 a 24 Meses

... 24 - 36 Months / 24 a 36 Meses

... 3 Years / 3 Años

... 4 Years / 4 Años

... 5 years / 5 Años

Learning on the Go

It's easy and fun to provide early learning opportunities for your young child.