Emergency Food and Shelter Program

The Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) was created to supplement and expand the work of local social service agencies in an effort to help people with economic emergencies. The program is governed by a National Board that selects jurisdictions for funding, and Local Boards are convened to determine the highest need and best use of funds. United Way of San Luis Obispo County serves on the Local Board as the administrator for EFSP in SLO County, alongside other local representatives from the American Red Cross, Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, Department of Social Services and the faith community.

San Luis Obispo County was awarded $114,000 in EFSP funding for Phase 33 (February 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017).

Local Recipient Organizations (LRO) seeking forms or manuals should log in to their online account at efsp.unitedway.org.