Global Corporate Leaders (GCL)

Global Corporate Leaders

In partnership with 125 major corporations and more than 1,300 individual United Ways, the Global Corporate Leadership (GCL) Program provides expert advice and resources to strengthen corporate involvement and increase companies’ capacity to improve lives and strengthen communities. Combined, Global Corporate Leadership companies operate in over 40,000 locations and contribute over $1 billion to creating lasting changes in people’s lives and in the communities where they live and work.

Global Corporate Leader Featured in Business Week

Global Corporate Leadership companies – who collectively contribute $1 billion and 25 million volunteer hours annually – were recognized in an 8-page section in Businessweek. Read about innovative CSR best practices, employee engagement and cause marketing partnerships, highlighting UPS, Bank of America, Walmart, Target, Microsoft Corporation, GE, P&G, General Motors and American Express plus Spirit of America and Summit winner. Learn more about these “Agents of Social Change."

The GCL Program manages the Global relationship between United Ways and companies all throughout the world, providing a strategic, global voice for the United Way system and providing opportunities to strengthen corporate philanthropic partnerships in communities.

Global Corporate Leadership Goals & Criteria:

  • Increase corporate philanthropic commitment and engagement
  • Use the workplace to increase the philanthropic commitment and engagement of individuals
  • Company runs a global workplace giving campaign
  • Company has 10,000 or more employees
  • Annual corporate and employee contributions total at least $2.5 million with at least 50% of contributions invested in United Way’s community impact work
  • Engage local United Way partners to impact communities by building strong philanthropic relationships with national and global corporations
  • Company partners with United Way beyond the workplace giving campaign

United Way of SLO County partners with a number of Global Corporate Leadership (GCL) companies throughout the year to help support our local community. Some featured companies include the following:

  • United Parcel Service (UPS) continues to raise the bar in terms of generosity and an unwavering commitment to community through their employee workplace giving. "Even in this tough economy, the spirit of giving is alive and well at UPS," said Scott Davis, the company's chairman and CEO.  "The support of our employees is unwavering because we all recognize that the United Way's efforts to improve lives and communities are more important than ever." The San Luis Obispo UPS location continues to be our largest Workplace Giving Program with $22,780 in pledges and a generous corporate contribution of $4450, a match of 15 cents on every dollar pledged by its employees.
  • AT&T feels strongly that their employee giving focus should be on meeting the most critical needs of their local communities. Since contributions to the Community Impact Fund stays local and invests in programs which serve needs in the areas of education, income and health employees in SLO County have been loyal contributors to the United Way Community Impact Fund for many years. Employees pledged over $6,000 last year and United Way received a corporate donation of $6347.
  • Bank of America has a long history of partnership with United Way. In 1999 it made a pledge to provide $50 million to Success By Six, the national United Way program to develop and enhance early childhood initiatives. Locally, all of its branches throughout SLO County run a Workplace Giving Program and last year Bank of America corporate gave $5,000 to the Community Impact Fund.
  • ExxonMobil has a long history of commitment and support for United Way and values United Way's leadership role in assessing and funding priority programs in the community. The company and its employees view United Way as an effective way of channeling funds to agencies providing vital services. Last year through their charity golf event Exxon contributed $2865 to the Community Impact Fund. Additionally San Luis Obispo County employees contributed $2816.
  • This past holiday season, our local Target store in San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles donated holiday trees to United Way of SLO County through the Target Share A Tree program. United Way presents the trees to local non profits to brighten their holidays.

2014 Participating Companies

It takes everyone in the community working together to create a brighter future for us all. United Way Global Corporate Leadership (GCL) companies and their employees are leading this charge in communities across the globe through their commitment to giving, advocating and volunteering. Thank you to the United Way GCL partners for their generous support. Read more.