ITW Walkathon for United Way

2021 ITW United Way Walkathon Hybrid*

(*in-person or virtual)


OCTOBER 7th!!!



For 2021, we are once again pleased to present the United Way ANY-K! This year, the annual United Way/ITW Walkathon will be hybrid.

Our family friendly in-person event will take place on Thursday October 7th, from 3:30 - 5:30 pm at Meadow Park. You can also choose to participate in our socially distant ANY-K from October 1st through October 8th. Simply choose your form of activity and how far you go. Walk, roll, swim, or surf as much as you like! Start your own team, join a team, or participate as an individual.

Collect sponsors and raise funds for the United Way of San Luis Obispo County. When you register you can choose which program area you’d like to support. Our corporate sponsor, ITW Global Tire Repair, will match every dollar we raise! It's never been easier to double the impact of your donation.

The United Way ANY-K is YOUR race at YOUR pace. Register today and get moving!

Registration Pricing: Students - $10; Individuals - $20; Family/Team - $30.


Meadow Park
2251 Meadow St
San Luis Obispo CA, 93401



Our goal is $50,000! Every dollar raised in the Walkathon will be matched by ITW!

When you register you can choose which program area you’d like to support. 

The United Way ANY-K is YOUR race at YOUR pace. Register today and get moving! 

Registration Pricing: Students - $10; Individuals - $20; Family/Team - $30.

To review our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or to get step by step instructions on how to participate, please see below or visit our ITW United Way ANY-K Registration page.


Virtual dates: September 28-October 8, 2021

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ITW (Illinois Tool Works) proudly presents a week of "TOGETHER WE CAN DO SO MUCH" events benefiting United Way of San Luis Obispo County! We hope you enjoy these fun-filled opportunities to help support our local United Way. 

United Way invests in the building blocks of our community – health, education, and financial stability. We address root causes to safeguard the future of our community and empower youth to thrive.

We unite organizations in preventing problems before they start – creating lasting change. Your investment will add up to big wins for residents of SLO County.

ITW/United Way Virtual Walkathon

Date Begins: Monday, September 28, 2021

Date Ends: Sunday, October 8, 2021


Click below to:

As a participant, to sponsor a walker, a team, or make a donation.


Location: Anywhere you are! Your race, your pace!




How much do I have to walk? 

As much as you want! 5K? Sure! 10K? Go for it! No K? OK! This is an ANY-K. Your race. Your pace.


Do I have to walk? 

Nope! Not at all! We're open to any kind of physical activity that you can convert into a unit of distance. Swim. Hike. Row. Roll. Skate. Hop. Surf. If you're into it, we're into it! In fact if you'd rather not participate personally, you can still make a donation! Or even create a team!


How much money do I have to raise?

We ask individual participants to commit to raising at least $100. Teams should aim to raise at least $500.  You are free to raise as much money as you comfortably can. ITW will be matching every dollar we raise, so the more you raise, the bigger their match! Our campaign goal is $50,000.


Where will the money I raise go?

You get to choose which of our programs you’d like to support! When you register, you will have the opportunity to indicate where you’d like the funds you raise to go. If you don’t have a preference, your funds will go into our Community Impact Fund. 

What's raised in SLO County stays in SLO County!

You can choose to support:

  • Our Community Impact Fund

  • Our social justice fund, the Liberty and Justice For All Fund

  • Educational programs

  • Health programs

  • Financial stability programs


What is a virtual walkathon?

A virtual walkathon is an event that allows participants to walk (run, swim, roll, hike, etc.) at their own day, time, and route. Our United Way Any-K is your race, at your pace. 


Who do I contact if I have questions or need help with registration?

You can contact Leola Dublin Macmillan via email at By phone, call our office at 805-541-1234.


Thank you to ITW for their Global Corporate Sponsorship of United Way for over 60 years.

   Registrations are nonrefundable. Thank you for your donation!