Our Promise

California State Employees Giving at Work

During the months of September and October all San Luis Obispo County State Employees will be given the opportunity to participate in Our Promise and contribute to any 501(c)3 of their choice. If you have questions regarding this giving opportunity, please Contact Us at (805) 541-1234. You can also download a pledge form for by clicking here.

Campaign Highlights

  • You can download training manuals, logos & templates, Charity names and a brief description, zip codes or keywords and learn more about upcoming campaign campaigns from the Our Promise website. Click here for the Campaign Volunteers website.

  • The minimum donation is now $10/month.

  • Employees Can Donate to Any Recognized 501(c)3. This includes: the Arts, PTAs, Religious Institutions, community-based organizations, and of course United Way of San Luis Obispo County.