Planning your workplace campaign

Typically a workplace campaign runs for two weeks.

1.    Director of Human Resources appoints a Workplace Campaign Coordinator and picks the month to hold the campaign

2.    Department Heads appoint Department Representatives from each department

3.    Workplace Campaign Coordinator meets with United Way representative and receives
           a.  Handouts
           b.  Payroll Deduction Forms
           c.  Information on United Way’s local programs and the Community Impact Fund
           d.  Posters

4.    United Way representative will also help develop a campaign plan and materials
           a.  Pick a campaign theme (you can use a version of “Live United”)
           b.  Create a timetable for campaign events
           c.  Choose fundraising strategies that are tailored to your corporate culture
           d.  Consider incentives that can increase participation
           e. Create a PDF flyer that can be emailed or placed in break room

5.    Workplace Campaign Coordinator holds a “Campaign Kick-Off” meeting with the Department Representatives
           a.  Distribute campaign materials and pledge forms to Department Representatives

6.    Department Representatives meet with their individual departments and educate staff about the details of the campaign (United Way can be invited to participate)
           a.  Most Department Representatives take a positive but “low-pressure” approach
           b.  Large departments can be divided into teams

7.    Campaign Coordinator stays visible during the campaign
           a.  Send weekly emails to all employees
                i.    Inform them of the good things United Way does locally
                ii   Ask them to consider donating
                iii  Thank employees - each time you email

8.    Wrap Up
           a. Pledge forms are returned to Campaign Coordinator
           b.  Campaign Coordinator lets sends a thank you email
           c. Campaign Coordinator sends payroll deductions forms to payroll
           d. Payroll deduction forms and campaign report summary sent to United Way
           e. Payroll decides on monthly or quarterly payouts to United Way