Prescription Drug Discount Cards

GoodRx Discount Cards

It never hurts to have more than one discount card, check out to see if their discount card is the best for you.


To help ensure residents have access to affordable prescriptions, United Way of SLO County is distributing the GoodRx, the Coast2Coast Rx and FamilyWize prescription drug discount cards to anyone who does not have health insurance or needs medication not covered by their insurance.  Everyone is immediately eligible to use the plan as there are no restrictions on age, health status or income. With no membership paperwork required, residents can simply pick up a card from pharmacy and clinic locations around the county or download and print a card from our website.  While the cards cannot be combined, families or individuals can ask a participating pharmacy to use the card that gives the greatest discount.  Use the links below to download Coast2Coast Rx and FamilyWize prescription drug discount cards. If you do not have access to a printer or would like multiple copies of the cards, call United Way at (805) 541-1234.


About FamilyWize 

Since 2005, FamilyWize has helped over 13 million Americans live healthier lives by saving them more than $1.5 billion on prescription medications. By aggregating large groups of patients, FamilyWize advocates and negotiates for deep discounts on prescription medications which it then passes on in full to patients. FamilyWize partners with some of the most respected community groups and health care providers in the country, including United Way Worldwide, National Council for Behavioral Health, Mental Health America, and American Heart Association, among thousands of other community organizations. To use FamilyWize, download the app at

About the FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card

The FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card enables everyone, both insured and uninsured, to have access to more affordable medications. By showing the FamilyWize card to a pharmacist when picking up a prescription, consumers can save on their prescription medications. The average savings for consumers is 45 percent. The card is free for all, has no eligibility requirements and is accepted at pharmacies nationwide, including chains and independents. FamilyWize Prescription Savings Cards are available to print from the website, as a free downloadable app, or by mail or text.

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