Chief Executive Officer







Rick London

(805) 541-1234 x1002

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Chief Operations Officer

Linda Wingert
(805) 541-1234 x 1003
Contact Linda for Grants, Finance, Programs, and Media Inquiries

Resource Development Specialist

Dr. Leola Dublin MacMillan
(805) 541-1234 x 1004
Contact Leola for Contact for Events, Fundraising, Individual and Workplace Giving, State Campaign and Sponsorships


Finance/Accounting Specialist


Mohini Smith

(805) 541-1234 x1006

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Administrative Specialist

Fiona Cogan
(805) 541-1234 x 1000
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2-1-1 Database Management Specialist

Riley Smith
(805) 541-1234 x 1005
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Program Specialist

Abigail Dorman
(805) 541-1234 x 1007
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