Children behind in reading are more likely to quit school, live in poverty, and become incarcerated. To address this, United Way of San Luis Obispo County is implementing the acclaimed Vello program in local schools. Vello uses interactive computer strategies to improve children’s reading skills, while a volunteer tutor virtually supports students completing lessons.

Vello helps students to become a stronger, more confident readers. They learn to read faster, recognize new words, and comprehend what they have read. Becoming a stronger reader enables them to read textbooks, novels, articles, blog posts, and other pieces of text more easily. As they become more confident readers, they may develop new interests and enjoy learning about things through reading.

Vello programs beginning soon! Check back for more updates and for volunteer sign up information. 

Vello will expand upon United Way's previous online reading program, Reading Plus. During the pilot program at Oceano Elementary School, 45 students advanced by at least one grade level, with 21 students increasing 3+ grade levels. With your support, United Way will offer exciting and educational incentives to increase students’ interest in advancing reading levels.