Youth Board Members Honored

United Way of San Luis Obispo County recently honored outgoing Youth Board members who are graduating from high school, including Callum Bolger, 2016-2017 Youth Board President.

The Youth Board President provides leadership and oversight to meetings and also acts as a liaison to the United Way Board of Directors. Bolger is a recent graduate of San Luis Obispo High School, and will attend Stanford University in the fall.

Additional exiting board members and recent high school graduates are Kendall Hamilton (2016-2017 Vice President), Matt White (2016-2017 Secretary), Kalena Cirone, Garron Knox, Carsen Lacey, Sydney Meertens, Andie Rupprecht, Erin Spillane, Callan Treur, and Keenan Wells. Wells has the esteemed honor of serving on the Youth Board for four years, the maximum term length for a Youth Board member.

Applications for twelve additional Board Members are now being accepted. Contact Rachel Cementina at (805) 541-1234 or download the application. The application period closes September 15, 2017.